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Book of the dead thimbleweed park

book of the dead thimbleweed park

Jan 30, Had a great great time at the Munich Thimbleweed Park Fan Party. s polaroid camera to take phone with (no on wanted to be the dead body). .. I brought my code book from Maniac Mansion and he wrote "We had no. März Delores Flashback. Nachdem Sandy die Geschichte von Ransome, dem Clow, beendet hat, seid ihr wieder in der Gegenwart. Den nächsten. März Flashback: Ransome, der Clown. Sandy erzählt den Bundespolizisten die Geschichte vom unzufriedenen Clown Ransome. Werft als erstes. Take the elevator to the tenth level and Zap Beste Spielothek in Ober-Wetzikon finden TV just outside. Mercury voodoo with fried chicken voodoo and chicken, a love story how man utd fc combine voodoo and barbecue voodoo BBQ: A train rumbles by on the bridge. Simon Hyldgaard - Jul 27, at The trick to this part is to enter the forest and use the cursed head to go in the right direction until you find some berries. Used to make printer ink and lift fingerprints. Also, this list is incomplete. Walk to the right to head to town. So there's not necessarily a direct connection between the book titles on the shelf and the one you're searching for Give here the Ghost Cake. Outside the Quickie Pal, walk to the right. Fast travel to the hotel and take the elevator to the Penthouse. Willie says he can fix it, but he needs the proper tools, and he needs theremin music playing on the radio. Dark Beste Spielothek in Rochustal finden with illegal opcodes 64 shades of glowing das glück Finding magic meteors by F.

Book Of The Dead Thimbleweed Park Video

Thimbleweed Park gameplay part 4(Blood sample, copy of the map, book of the dead)

Lotus View Profile View Posts. Is there a way to free Willie? I tried opening the door but it just says its locked. Originally posted by classiccoder Last edited by DavidBFox ; 13 Apr, 1: I think Willy sounds like Iggy Pop btw.

Originally posted by mfahrnholz:. Thought so, those guys especially the deadpan answer had me fooled. There is no joke about this post, you can free Willy, only Reyes can open the jail door after his watch is fixed.

Yeah, but there is no achievement for it. Thought this was for completing Reyes' storyline I mean, erm Please log in to vote.

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough for Thimbleweed Park on hard mode. I did not write the steps myself, but could also not find out who did.

So I cannot give any credit for that. If someone does know who wrote the steps, then let me know please. I've checked the walkthrough on casual mode and on hard mode.

For the walkthrough that only has the steps for casual mode, look here: Easy Win Achievement I've encountered some small errors and corrected them.

Notes that I added are in italic. If you encounter any other mistakes, mention them in the comments or send me a message and I will correct it.

I have included links to all achievements at the appropriate points in the walkthrough. Achievements unlocked by just following the story are not listed in this walkthrough.

The achievements No One Is Home and Book Worm can be completed pretty much anywhere in the game, as long as you have access to a telephone or a signal for Ray's cellphone and Chuck's library respectively.

To get all achievements you need the finish the game at least twice. Once for each mode. Also you need one playthough collecting at least 75 specks of dust on easy there are not enough to be found, so best to do this in hard , and one playthrough where you pick op NO specks of dust.

So the location probably changes every playthrough. After that's done, walk more to the right through the heavy brush.

At a certain point, something will happen and the game will move on to Part 2. You need to take a picture of the body before heading to town.

Switch to the agent now carrying both items and USE the film in the camera. Before you leave the area, head to the right through the thick brush.

Keep your cursor somewhere near the bottom of the screen above your inventory boxes, and at a certain point you'll get the option to "Walk to something odd.

Now you can head to town. When you come out, you'll be on the highway. Walk to the right to head to town. The Pigeon Brothers plumbing van will pass you while you're walking.

Continue on to the right to run into a couple of people dressed in pigeon suits. The dialogue will automatically start.

Go through whatever choices you want and learn more about "the signals. When you're near the cemetery, the van will pass by you again.

Walk some more to the right to finally enter town. At the entrance of town, whatever agent you're not controlling will catch up to you.

Walk more to the right and run into the sheriff. Go through the dialogue and enter city hall. Go through each dialogue choice to learn about the BloodTron , the FingerTron and the FaceTron , and Reyes will automatically take notes.

Ask whatever else you want before ending the conversation. Yes, that's spelled incorrectly for now; but who knows, they might patch that. Go through whatever dialogue choices you want and learn about the ArrestTron Leave city hall and you'll see the plumbing van.

Talk to one of the pigeons to find out they need a WC vacuum tube to fix the HydrantTron You can't explore A Street for now, so keep walking right until you reach the neon-lit diner.

You could walk around town, you could take the agent you're controlling into the diner, or you could head into the alleyway beside the diner.

If you do that last one, head all the way to the left as far as you can go. At some point, the agent will be knocked out by a mysterious shadow and dragged away.

If you do decide to let the agent get knocked out, then control will switch to the other agent. Continue your investigation around town.

You might find a DIME somewhere on the ground; pick it up. The location of the dime is randomized. Go through whatever dialogue you want and enter the flashback to learn more about Ransome the Insult Clown.

You need to get ready for that night's performance. It seems that Ransome needs to pay back Carney Joe to get his joke book back before he can go onstage.

Leave Ransome's trailer and watch the cutscene with Ransome's lawyer Brant. Head back out to the circus grounds.

Go talk to the only guy you see, which is Carney Joe. Go through all the dialogue choices, making sure to ask about Joe's family and how many kids he has.

Also make note of how many fish and clouds there are in Joe's booth -- you'll need all this information to open Ransome's safe.

The number of kids that Joe has is randomized, but I believe the fish and cloud numbers remain the same -- 8 and 3, respectively. Return to Ransome's trailer.

But first, LOOK AT the note again and use the respective numbers of fish, clouds and Joe's kids to work out the combination to open the safe -- read the note carefully, because you might need to do some math to get the correct numbers.

Now Ransome's ready for the show. Pick whatever choices you want in the scene that follows, but make note that once you choose the "ugly old lady with the hairy mole," your control over Ransome will end.

So if you really want to hear all of the insults the clown has to say, save that choice for the last.

After that, Ransome will be back in the dressing room. Watch the scene play out and eventually you will regain control of the agent in the diner.

You can do that, or you can stick with the current agent. If you continue on with the current agent, leave the diner and walk a bit to the right and go down B Street.

Walk all the way until you reach Ricki's Cakes -- which actually sells vacuum tubes. Now you can help get that hydrant repaired.

Tell her you're looking for a tube. In the resulting dialogue, choose WC, then Ricki will give you the correct tube. Feel free to talk to her again and maybe have some fun renaming her no-longer-bakery.

They'll fix the hydrant and you'll now be free to check out A Street. But don't worry, your game will continue just fine.

You find nothing of importance down there. I believe that any specks of dust that might have spawned while you were trapped in the sewer will simply end up spawning somewhere else, although I cannot say that for certain.

But in general, you really don't miss out on anything. Anyway, if you let one of the agents get knocked out behind the diner, it's probably best to switch to that person now.

When you do so, you'll find yourself in the sewers. You'll also see something written on the wall: Make note of that name, as it is random in every game.

Walk around town and keep an eye out on the ground the location of the dime is randomized. If you found the dime and went down A Street and you gave the dime to Willie, the coin will respawn in a random location, so you'll have to look around again.

Good thing Willie has that hole in his pocket and just can't hold onto that dime. After the agent above ground has the dime, head onto Main Street and walk all the way to the right and go to the town outskirts.

You will get a cutscene involving the sheriff; watch it. Once you have control of the agent again, you'll find yourself in the parking lot of the Quickie Pal convenience store.

It will fall down into the sewers. While you're in control of this agent, head back to B Street and go to the pay phone.

Remember the name you found in the sewers? Flip to the correct letter the names are alphabetized by first name , flip the pages using the arrows at the bottom corners of the book, find that name, and make note of their 4-digit phone number.

Exit the phone book. Switch back to the agent in the sewers. Head back to the room that you woke up in, then go north to the tunnel.

You'll see the dime on the floor at the foot of the ladder. Call the phone number associated with the name on the wall.

They'll call the authorities. Once the phone call ends, you can check the coin return and pick up the dime again if you want. After the phone call, head to the right and you'll get a cutscene with the sheriff.

When you regain control, you'll be in front of city hall. You'll run into Lenore Edmund sitting on the bench. Start up conversation with her and you'll eventually go into a flashback concerning her younger sister, Delores Edmund.

When you can move again, you'll be controlling Delores. She's waiting for the latest issue of her magazine, which means you need to go to the mailbox.

Go out of her room, head down the stairs, and go out the front doors on the left side of the entryway. Head south toward the mailbox just outside the gates.

Looks like you need to help Delores apply for the MmucasFlem job. Go back into the house. After a while, you'll hear the doorbell ringing if you don't recognize it as the bell, Delores will say something about it after a bit.

Choose whatever answers you want for the first few questions on her personal information. When you get to the Mmucas programming test, though, you probably won't know the answers.

But Delores knows there's a book in the mansion's library that will help you. Choose to pause the application and head downstairs. In the middle of the staircase are the doors to the library.

Sure enough, there's a reference book on Mmucas available, in Section 3. To get to Section 3. But wait, the SIGN on the staircase says it's out of order!

Well, that's easy enough to fix: Now it's not out of order and Delores can walk up. Once you're at the top of the stairs, head all the way to the left where Section 3.

Slowly move your mouse over all the books until you find the "Mmucas Programming Primer. Take notes on everything that's in there, because the test questions are random.

The text inside the book is NOT random. You don't have to enter her name, etc. After you answer all the questions correctly, Delores will print out her application.

Unfortunately, it seems the printer is out of ink. Sure, enough, it's dry and you need to re-ink it. Leave Delores's room and head to the door just east of her bedroom door.

OPEN it and crash and bang your way through the area which takes a shorter time than walking the whole way. When you're back in the hall, walk all the way to the right and OPEN the far right door, which is Chuck's workshop.

Watch the cutscene between Chuck, Franklin and Delores. Go ahead and talk to Chuck if you want. During that conversation, you find that you can make cheap ink out of gasoline and ash.

Go back inside the mansion and go into the door below the big stairway, which leads to the kitchen. You can also use the gas can with the ink bottle first, and then put the soot in the bottle.

Either way, you'll end up with a full ink bottle. Remember something recently that had some uncancelled stamps? I don't know if you ever took stamps off an envelope back when you had to lick-and-stick those suckers, but you might know that you need steam to remove them.

So return to the kitchen. USE the microwave to automatically close the door and get it started. She'll beat around the bush and you'll have to try to OPEN the letter several times before she finally does so.

Looks like she got the job at MmucasFlem! Let the scene play and you'll eventually be back in control of the agent at the bus station.

Head back to the Quickie Pal and go to the right and then north, walking toward the vista. Keep walking on the path to head to the rest of the county.

But the ol' sheriff-a-reno is lying in wait for you. He refuses to let you continue on without an official county map, and he's not budging from his stance.

Guess you need a map. Go to the Quickie Pal and ask the clerk, Leonard, about a map. He says the sheriff just came and nabbed the store's entire supply.

If you've been dutiful and done all your examinations around town, you'll know there's still one map left that the sheriff didn't get to.

If you threw away the bottle, return to the highway and walk along it to find another one. Have some more conversation with Leonard if you want.

Looks like you'll have to get her out of the office somehow. Head left and talk to Natalie if you want. She'll tell you to not mess with the scanner and will say that she's waiting for a call about some ridiculous situation.

Switch to the other agent and have them go to the sheriff's office and USE the PoliceTron on the desk. Start with "Attention all units!

The situation changes every time you try to complete this puzzle, so if you fail the first time, you'll have to mess with the newspaper's PoliceTron again to find out the next situation Natalie's waiting for.

When you succeed in getting Natalie out, switch back to the agent in the Nickel News. Now leave the News. Head back to the vista.

When the sheriff stops you again, say that you have an "official map" and the agent will show it to him. Looks like he has no more reason to prevent you from going out to the rest of the county.

He'll also return the rest of the maps to the Quickie Pal. Once you get control of the agent again, first of all switch to whichever one does NOT have a county map.

This will make it vastly easier to travel around the entire area. Click on the location you want to go to, and the person will head there without having to do all the walking through the intermediate areas double-click to have the person go there a lot faster.

When you get control of Delores and Ransome later, also bring them to the Quickie Pal in turn to pick up their own maps.

You've probably combed the town, but you know there's still one place you haven't checked: But there's a big tree blocking the entrance.

If you try to OPEN the front door, the agent will ring the doorbell. Have a quick chat with Delores. After the conversation, you will now have the option to switch to Delores.

Continue controlling the agent. You did find the chainsaw in the thick brush near the body, right? It'll now be gassed up and you can finally use it properly.

Return to the bridge where the body is still lying in the river. Go all the way to the right to where the tree is blocking the grate. Go all the way to the right, then north to the tunnel.

Then go all the way to the right again until you have to go through another tunnel heading east. Now go a little bit right and enter the first tunnel you see headed north; this is the sewer under A Street, as you can see by the sign at the top near the entrance.

Continue on to the right and enter the first north tunnel you see. Then walk a little to the left and enter another tunnel. Walk all the way to the right and enter yet another tunnel.

Finally, enter the first tunnel you see and you'll find yourself in Willie's little hideaway. Nothing else is of real interest here, but go ahead and explore if you want; there is a lot more to the sewers and specks of dust are littered all over the place.

I'm not sure if the locations of the book and kit are random; if they're not in the particular drawers mentioned above, then just OPEN the other drawers.

Go to A Street and head to the post office. TALK TO the postal worker if you haven't done so yet; if you don't talk to him, you can't get the tape.

Identify yourself as a federal agent and go through whatever dialogue choices you want. Ransome will come out. Go through all the necessary conversation choices.

After the conversation ends, you'll now have the option to control Ransome. Now look at Ransome's to-do list.

Head out to the circus grounds and go all the way left to find the popcorn stand. Stand around for a little while and make note of which hole the rats are coming out of -- it's random each game.

The rats will drop whatever popcorn they might have in their mouths and start eating the cheese instead. Leave the Big Top and come back, and you'll see that a bunch of popcorn has accumulated in front of the hole.

Alternatively, you can USE the bag on the pile and it will also be filled. Go to the grounds and exit on the right side.

Now head to either the left or right to go to the country road. Now head to A Street and go to the post office.

Leave the post office and head to the right, farther down A Street. You'll run into Willie the wino. If one of the agents spoke to him before, you know that he has a wallet that you want as evidence, but he refused to give it unless you had a high-quality Ransome the Clown wallet to trade.

Well, now you do have one. Yes, it does seem weird that Ransome is suddenly cooperating with the authorities, but don't question it. That's one part down.

Now you need to get a sample of blood from the body. Go to the bathroom on the left side of the store. You need to turn on the light in case there are specks of dust on the floor; they won't show up unless the light is on.

Now head all the way back to the bridge where the corpse is. But you can't put it in the BloodTron while it's soaking wet.

So, head back to the Quickie Pal and go to the bathroom. You can also use the flaming trash can next to Willie to dry it out, or you can wander around for a bit and the paper will dry on its own.

You'll start talking and almost immediately go into Franklin's flashback. Once you control Franklin, head into the hotel. First you need to figure out a disguise so the hotel manager won't know who you are.

He turns the radio back on after a short while if you don't talk to him, which means you'll have to turn it off once more.

Ask the kid about his jacket, the thing on his face, and his shoes, then ask about the "latest and greatest. Say that you totally know what the latest and greatest is.

I hope you know your '80s slang and pop culture, because you'll need that trivia for the next part of this conversation.

I don't know if the choices are random, but here's what I got: After that, the kid will believe you're legit, but now you need something to trade him.

If the radio is blasting again, USE it to turn it off first so the kid can hear you. Stay out of view of the hotel manager and USE the glasses to put them on.

Check in and pick whatever name you want and go through whatever dialogue you want. When you enter, the phone is ringing. Franklin immediately answers it; go through the next few bits of dialogue.

You still need to disable the HotelTron and copy the prospectus. Leave the room and head to the 10th floor. Go into three more rooms and repeat until you have 4 sheets of hotel stationery.

Head back to the lobby and talk to the manager. Ask about photocopying and say that you have some stationery, and say you want to copy the prospectus document.

If you asked about photocopying twice before, you'll go straight to the dialogue option about stationery. Return to Franklin's room.

After you use the keycard on the door once, you can simply OPEN the door -- you don't need to keep using the keycard on the door before opening it.

Soon there's a knock on the door. Watch the next scene and that's the end of the flashback. Back in the present day, talk to Natalie some more and go through whatever dialogue choices you want.

Now go check out the room that was used by the victim. After doing so, for some strange reason you're now unable to leave the hotel.

Go to the front door and see that it's spinning really fast, preventing anyone from exiting. Looks like the only thing you can do for now is hang around and learn more about what happened to Franklin.

Go up to the room and check it out. Watch the next scene. You'll now have the option of controlling Franklin's ghost. Switch to Franklin and go to the elevator.

In any case, it looks like you need to scare two people. ZAP the elevator door or the call button to get it to come to your floor, if it isn't already.

Head to the lobby and hang around the drinking fountain. After a bit, the annoying kid will take a drink. Now bring one of the agents to the lobby and bring them to the fountain.

They don't have to actually USE it; they just need to be near it. Good job, you've scared two people. Watch the cutscene, and after that the living people will finally be able to leave the hotel again.

Also make note of what the manager says about "wondering what the guest is up to now. Bring that agent to the coroner's office and USE the photo and the passport in the FaceTron and have it spit out a report.

The ArrestTron doesn't seem to be working. Looks like someone nabbed the machine's vacuum tube and you need to replace it.

Switch control to Delores. Go to the library to start a short cutscene. After that, Delores can now leave the mansion.

She notes that it's supposed to have an AT tube. For whatever reason, you can't talk to Ricki about picking up an extra tube, probably because that solution would just be way too easy.

Looks like you'll have to grab a tube from somewhere else. But if you've been looking at everything you can, you probably remember where you've seen another AT tube sitting around.

Head back to Chuck's workshop at the mansion. However, there's still something you need to install the tube, if you haven't gotten it already.

That gets the gadget working again. Watch the resulting cutscene, then make whatever dialogue choices you want afterward.

Then watch the scene after that. Looks like it's all starting to center around the old Pillow Factory.

First, there's still the matter of Chuck's will. Switch control to Delores and go to the mansion library. Looks like the lawyer isn't here to read the will, so you have to call him.

Seeing as there's been only one lawyer introduced in the game, you could probably guess who it's supposed to be. Look at the check stub to find out Chuck paid Brant Bailiwick to read his will.

Remember how Brant was also Ransome's lawyer? Switch back to Delores. Make note of his phone number; it's random for each game.

Unfortunately, he's out of the office, attending ThimbleCon. Guess you have to go to ThimbleCon. Head to the hotel and you'll see the convention is in full swing in the ballroom on the upper floor.

Unfortunately, if you try to enter the convention, the dragon-suited person by the door will stop you, saying you need tickets.

He also says you can get tickets by winning them from the radio station when they announce it. After a certain time -- I'm not exactly sure when this happens -- you'll get a scene involving the two agents.

Afterward, you'll be able to control only Ray or Reyes for a short while. Whichever one you control, you'll be in your hotel room. Notice the light blinking on the phone.

Go down to the lobby to pick it up. When you exit your room, control will switch to the other agent. Again, the light is blinking on the phone, and again, USE it to listen to the message.

And once again, a package has been left for you at the front desk, so go on and get it. When you reach the lobby, you'll run into the other agent and you'll get a scene.

Pick whatever choices you want in the resulting dialogue and learn more about the agents' true reasons for being there.

Now, back to those ThimbleCon tickets. You'll be back to having control over all 5 characters again. What do you know, you're just in time to try to win.

But it will be a bit tricky. But if you try to call, you will probably get a busy signal. Wait a few seconds, then replace the tube to reboot the phone system.

You should now hear it ringing. When the DJ answers, she says you need to get 2 of 3 quiz questions correct to win 4 tickets. Google will probably be your friend here.

Some of the answers I knew or could guess, but there was no way I knew who won 4 medals in a particular Olympics. If you win, you'll have to give a name for the tickets -- pick any one from the list.

Say you're there to pick up the tickets and give the name that you told to the DJ. Go to the dragon-suited person and hand them over.

Now all 4 of the living people will be able to walk in and out of the convention no problem. Switch to Delores and walk into the con.

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Book of the dead thimbleweed park -

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